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  • Save Money
  • Pay As You Go
  • Use Clean Energy

Electricity For Less? Yes!

  • Rebates and flexible financing make solar affordable
  • Lock in a lower price for electricity and enjoy lower electric bills
  • Avoid future utility rate increases

  • Save thousands of dollars!

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Buy the power, not the panels

It's simple, really:

  • A solar system is installed on your home, and you only pay for the power generated.
    No up-front payment required.

  • Your system production is guaranteed, transfers to a new homeowner if you move, and you aren't responsible for any maintenance.
  • With a power purchase agreement (PPA), your electric rate is reduced and you can look forward to lower bills - goodbye utility rate increases!

Environmental benefits of solar

Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels create no waste or emissions. They produce clean energy from a fuel source that requires no locating, excavation or transportation.

An average 4 kW system offsets the following during its first 25 years:

CO2 emissions 199,679 
lbs of CO2
trees planted
miles driven

Going solar is a simple, seamless switch to cleaner electricity.
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Why RGS Energy

RGS Energy has been lowering energy bills across the U.S. since 1978. With over 16,000 installations under our belt, we're helping thousands of homeowners save money.

Bringing clean, affordable power to you is our mission. Your solar experience is our top priority!


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5 kW solar system in Whately, MA

5 kW solar system in Bristol, VT

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 Customer Testimonials

“Going solar just makes sense to me. The ability to produce our own power and be independent and environmentally responsible was a huge driver for us. I expect that our system will literally and figuratively power our lives.”
Sue R. – Colombia County, NY
“Working with RGS Energy was a pleasure from start to finish. My system has worked without a hitch and every now & then I go look at my panel to see how much electricity I’m selling to Xcel Energy and just grin.”
Kate W. – Boulder, CO
“Our kids see the meter spin backwards, and for them, this is the way you get energy—from the sun. It feels good to have PV on your roof because
‚Äčit’s the right thing to do. And of course we enjoy the huge savings!”

Jeff C. – Greenbrae, CA
“We are excited about the financial savings and feel wonderful to finally be doing something significant for the environment. Between incentives and tax credits, we plan on seeing a significant return on our investment after only a few years.”
Thomas C. – Lee, MA
 Our Clients